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March 2024

International Women’s (Every)Day!

Ella Jaczynska
I got asked quite a few times this week what I was doing for International Women’s Day. I reflected on this a lot and realised what I wanted to do was just accentuate what I hope I do every day in support of women. Happy Vamped Up Every Day to all the awesome women out there.I celebrate you all! Photo
October 2022

Why should we manage Wellbeing – this year’s No1 HR focus area

Ella Jaczynska
Managing our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is no longer a nice to have. There are numerous reasons why this makes business sense.
May 2022

What can we give to help with Mental Wellbeing Awareness week?

Ella Jaczynska
We all have resources and support we can give to help others. Download some free resources on How to take control and have less stressful interactions.
We say that we all have it in us to get to where we want to go in life and that the power to get there is clear - it’s in you.