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How to master your mindset and prevent stressful low impact interactions

Creating a powerful Positive interaction mindset

How to break free of emotional drama cycle

Preventing our emotions from sabotaging us

The Neuroscience behind mindsets (Gold and Platinum packages)

Managing Imposter Syndrome - Rita Clifton abstract (Gold and Platinum packages)

knowing you - Further Self Awareness

Exploring what drives and lies beneath our behaviour

Emotional Intelligence - What is it and How to work it masterfully?

Determine what drives you and how it impacts your working style (available with Gold and Platinum packages)

growing you - Managing conflict and Having Challenging Conversations

Process to resolve conflict & manage challenging conversations

Self assessment to determine your conflict style

Understanding your conflict style with explanation

Thomas Kilman conflict styles model further explained (available with Gold and Platinum packages)

Taking Care of You 

Recognising Burnout

Your Mood Boost

The Stress Detox

Available in Gold and Platinum packages: 

  • Top tips for managing Burnout 
  • Understanding the Pressure vs Performance curve to be your best
  • Managing your positivity - the positive dog (abstract)
  • Being Happy (Abstract)

being the best you - Communication

Understanding and having the impact of body language communication

How listening effectively can improve impact

Steps for mastering impactful effective feedback (available with Gold and Platinum packages).

Brene Brown checklist for engaged feedback (available with Gold and Platinum packages).

Eisenhower prioritisation matrix 

being the best you - Influencing and Negotiating

Insights on influencing styles- are you Push or Pull ?

Understanding the difference between Influencing, persuading and negotiating

Understanding and using workplace sources of power (available with Gold and Platinum packages)