What can we give to help with Mental Wellbeing Awareness week?

Ella Jaczynska

This week is Mental Wellbeing week and I am glad that we talk more openly about mental health then we used to a decade or two ago.

Mental Wellbeing has so many aspects and levels to it.

I know when I started my working life I had no guidance on how to manage the mental, emotional and physical ups and downs it would bring.

But something so fundamentally important shouldn’t be something that we just have to scrabble around and work out for ourselves. We all deserve awareness, insights, tools, techniques, support and mutual compassion and understanding. What resources, insights or support do each of us have that we could share?

I wish I had had the resources that are becoming available today, to have been able to talk openly about some of the struggles and challenges I had through my corporate life. I look back now and see the toll it had on me mentally and emotionally at a number of times. And the impact that had on my close friends and family too. I was lucky I was able to take a number of weeks away from it to sort my self out; not everyone has that opportunity to do that and so every little bit of support helps.

I am incredibly privileged now, as part of Mastering Mindsets, to do the work that I do with individuals, Teams, Groups and Organisations. We succeed when we help others succeed and ensure the focus is on Healthy High Performance not just on performance and delivery.

Hopefully sharing a free download on ‘How you can prevent stressful and low impact interactions in the future’ can go a small way to helping someone’s wellbeing.

Click on the link below to find it here:

Mastering Mindsets free resource

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