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December 2021

Is Coaching even more pertinent now?

Editor One

We live in a world that is ever more an uncertain whirlwind in which we are expected to be innovative, creative, nimble and ‘Do More with Less’, while being very delivery focussed and still great communicators.

My observation is that this has resulted in a growing increase in stress, overwhelm, confusion and often Effectiveness Paralysis.

How can we manage in this environment?

Many individuals and organisations are reaching out for coaching to help with:

·      Building mental and physical resilience and self-care.

·      Understand how they can ‘Be their Best’ in the environment they are in.

·      How to set up individuals, teams and organisations for success.

·      How to determine and develop the Leadership Approaches and Mindsets needed at this time.

I am privileged to be doing this Coaching and Leadership Development work and seeing the impact it has; it feels even more needed now than ever.

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