Addressing Loneliness that we, our colleagues and friends may be feeling.

Ella Jaczynska

Next week is Mental Wellbeing awareness week!

It is an opportunity for organisations around the world to show that the mental health of their employees matters. 
The very relevant theme this year is loneliness. We know the power that connection and relationships has on us all, at home and at work. However, isolation is on the increase. The pandemic and remote working has only made things more acute for many of us.

Strong relationships help create a workplace environment that people can thrive in. But people may need help, firstly in being aware what the state of their wellbeing and resilience is, and secondly, what they can do for themselves to increase their wellbeing and resilience, step out of loneliness and craft strong relationships.

There are some fantastic resources out there for organisations and individuals to use to help in this area. One I find very powerful is WRAW (Workplace Wellbeing and Resilience) and how their quick snapshot report is affordable and accessible to all.

And for Mental Wellbeing Awareness week they have created some free resources such as a quick guide on How to build strong work relationships.

Let’s reach out to each other, help reduce loneliness and help each other to Thrive!