thoughts and mindsets
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December 2021

Why Thoughts and Mindsets become actions

Editor One

1. Your every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. The brain then releases chemical signals that are transmitted to the body, where they act as the messengers of the thought

2. The thoughts that produce the chemicals in the brain allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking.

When the body responds to a thought by having a feeling, this initiates a response in the brain. The brain, which constantly monitors and evaluates the status of the body, notices that the body is feeling a certain way. In response to that bodily feeling, the brain generates thoughts that produce corresponding chemical messengers so, you begin to think the way you are feeling. Thinking creates feeling(s), and then, feeling(s) creates thinking, in a continuous destructive cycle. 

This loop eventually creates a particular state in the body that determines the general nature of how we feel and behave. This is called “state of being”.

Why Your Mindset Matters at Work and Life

The development of leadership skills isn’t all about just reading a book or practicing the concepts within it over the rest of your career.  Instead, the most important factor if you want to improve is the brain and how you think. It could be summarised as having a growth mindset. The growth mindset theory was brought to prominence by Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford Psychology professor, and in simple terms, it suggests that “we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems.” John Neades, Learn Loft Articles

Why Mindset Mastery Is Vital to Your Success

To Be a Great Leader, You Need the Right Mindset

Harvard Business Review Jan 2020

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