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December 2021

The assumptions virtual working can bring

Editor One

I am noticing in my clients many assumptions that virtual working can surface and am interested to know if you have witnessed or experienced any of the following?:

1. Virtual meetings need to be focused on tactical and operational items.

Yet with everything going on, taking a few minutes at the start to connect personally and check in with everyone as to how they are creates engagement, support, connection and actually has been shown to increase effectiveness.

2. I need to have formal virtual meetings to connect.

Interestingly as we no longer have the quick chats in the corridor at the coffee machine etc people default to a virtual meeting to chat. Phone calls, texts, instant messages seem to have reduced in the workplace but increased out of work; so why do we forget about all the various media we have at our disposal?

3. People can read my body language and mind read

I am seeing an increase in people agreeing actions virtually and assuming the other party/parties know what a good job would look like without actually discussing it. Often there is a lack of clarity on whether the actions are realistic/best case/ideal/conservative and what the person may need to successfully complete the action. Just doing that simple act can prevent misunderstandings, irritations and ensure things get completed in a timely and effective way.