Womens Day

International Women’s (Every)Day!

Ella Jaczynska

I got asked quite a few times this week what I was doing for International Women’s Day. I reflected on this a lot and realised what I wanted to do was just accentuate what I hope I do every day in support of women.

  • Being a champion.
  • Being an honest sounding board.
  • Supportively challenge other women to believe in themselves, in options and in all that can be achieved.
  • Being an example of self-belief by believing in, trusting and loving myself.
  • Being a mentor when asked to be.
  • Co-creating solutions together rather than dwelling too long on problems.
  • Celebrating progress and successes, however small (we women rarely celebrate all the little things we achieve every day).
  • Laughing and seeing the good in people, situations and the world.

Happy Vamped Up Every Day to all the awesome women out there.
I celebrate you all!

Photo courtesy of Levi Guzman