New Hair

How a haircut taught me “old” can actually be “new”

Ella Jaczynska

Recently I wanted to make a change to my haircut. The old style wasn’t working for me. I looked at new options and kept on coming back to a Bob hairstyle I had had many times in the past.
I had it cut, love it and feel so much better.

And then I reflected and laughed. My mind immediately thought ‘new’ had to be something completely new, yet my old style was right for today, and so was a ‘new’ way of doing things today.
So often, when we need to make a change and try something new, we will have the answers, options, or ideas from the past. But do we spend enough time thinking through that?

A polished-up ‘Old’ can become a powerful, impactful ‘New’.

Have you experienced this recently?