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December 2021

Acceptance – it’s impact in the workplace

Editor One

I was recently at a course where we spent time talking about Acceptance, its power and impact.

Acceptance of a person, situation or thing is not about giving up and giving in, but it is about acknowledging the situation, person, place or thing. accepting that what is happening is happening for a reason and not fighting it or resisting it.

When we are in a state of Non-Acceptance we are in a state of always expending energy trying to control an outcome or person, and it is highly likely we will not get what we think we want, since we can’t control every factor that impacts on a person or situation. I am sure we all have experienced the resentment, frustration and emotional exhaustion that brings.

Acceptance gives us the ability to be calmer, to be more curious as to what a situation is actually bringing us. To be more open minded and adaptable and to have the ability to have a ‘thought through’ action not an immediate reaction. Which in turn makes us much more effective, more impactful and leaves us feeling much more fulfilled.

I often see people rolling their eyes upwards when Acceptance is mentioned as they think of it as some ‘hippy’ ‘spiritual’ phrase….however, I think Acceptance in the work place, as well as our daily lives, is a way of being much more focussed, more grounded, more intuitive and more emotional intelligent in our actions and interactions.

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