wellbeing and resillience

Why should we manage workplace wellbeing and resilience

Ella Jaczynska

At a time of so much change, uncertainty and volatility our Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing is being impacted significantly. In the past people didn’t see this as a priority, but now experience and evidence has shown us that it is a key priority for so many reasons.

Not only because it is important to look after ourselves and our staff and colleagues so we can all perform at our best but because:

  • A culture of Wellbeing in the workplace makes for a great place to work
  • It has been shown to increase retention and loyalty
  • It attracts key talent to work for you
  • It reduces costs due to sick leave and ill health
  • It fosters and enables creative, constructive, challenging conversations to happen that often lead to innovation, entrepreneurship

But people and organisations may need help, firstly in being aware what the state of their wellbeing and resilience is, and secondly, what they can do for themselves to increase their wellbeing and resilience, manage change, craft strong relationships and have powerful, low stress interactions.

Thankfully there are some fantastic resources out there for organisations and individuals to use to help in this area. One I often use, and find very powerful, is WRAW (Workplace Wellbeing and Resilience); their quick individual snapshot report is affordable and accessible to all, however, they also have Team, Organisation and Leader reports.