This article on mature, whole leadership never ages for me (Head, Heart and Guts).

Ella Jaczynska

It is many years since I was first introduced to a Head, Heart and Guts article summarising work by David Dotlich, Peter Cairo, and Stephen Rhinesmith; yet it is still so relevant today.

There is a lot expected of leaders and managers today, with all the changes and the VUCA world we all live and work in. It feels as though it is even more appropriate in today’s business environment, that you use your head, demonstrate heart, and act with guts and conviction.

Leadership today relies on us to use our intelligence and expertise, to make tough decision and very importantly to ensure we create an environment of trust, transparency, empowerment and understanding.

When I first read this summary of the book I was just starting my coaching journey, now so many years later I still refer to it regularly.

It is not easy as a leader to balance the business needs and people needs within an organisation. But there is so much evidence now as to how that is what creates a Healthy High Performing Team. By that I mean teams who have the resources, resilience, tenacity, commitment and creativity to handle whatever comes their way.

I feel very privileged (as part of Mastering Mindsets) to work with individuals and teams to help achieve this. My role also means I am privy to tools, techniques and insights that also help me be a better person, a better leader of myself and others by tapping into head, heart and guts self-leadership.

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