New Year’s Day Tradition

Ella Jaczynska

I have a New Year’s Day tradition of cleaning all my shoes – it may sound strange, but it is a great way for me to start the year. Here is why:

  • As I go through all the boots, shoes, and trainers, I am reminded of how lucky I am. (And I don’t mean to sound like Imelda Marcos!). It is lovely to start the year with gratitude.
  • I am reminded of pairs I haven’t worn in a while, so rather than reaching for my usual pairs, I try something different; change is exciting. It gets me in the frame of mind to do that at work, too. I remind myself of old skills and capabilities I have that I haven’t tapped into for a while and not just rely on the same ones each time. For me, that is a great way to boost my faith in myself and what I do.
  • As I repair, refresh, or dispose of footwear, I start reflecting on what may need a refresher in my life, what may need a bit of fixing, or what habits, patterns, and beliefs I may need to dispose of as they aren’t useful anymore.

More than shoe cleaning!

I can then step forward into the New Year with not only clean, rejuvenated footwear but with a spring in my step, eagerness, readiness and a positive mental attitude.
So what may seem like a mundane task such as shoe cleaning actually gives me so much more.

Do you have a New Year tradition that is so much more than it first appears?

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