Employees can own their engagement

Ella Jaczynska

It has been an absolute pleasure to take part in this week’s podcast on The Mindshift Group with Michael Pagnotta (FCIPD)
In this episode, Michael and I delve into a thought-provoking conversation around a slightly different dimension of #PersonalBrand and what it means today. Building from the previous podcast conversations around #employeeengagement, we share some new perspectives on the role that the employee plays in their employee engagement and how it links to defining their own personal brand. 
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How a swimming lesson showed me that an “old dog can be taught new tricks”!*
Today, I had my first advanced adult swimming lesson. Swimming was one of my sports as a teenager, but I haven’t had a lesson since then. My body, fitness, and capability have changed a lot over the years, and what used to come easily has been becoming harder and harder. Recently, a friend mentioned she was getting swimming lessons, and
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International Women’s (Every)Day!
I got asked quite a few times this week what I was doing for International Women’s Day. I reflected on this a lot and realised what I wanted to do was just accentuate what I hope I do every day in support of women. Happy Vamped Up Every Day to all the awesome women out there.I celebrate you all! Photo
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How a haircut taught me “old” can actually be “new”
Recently I wanted to make a change to my haircut. The old style wasn’t working for me. I looked at new options and kept on coming back to a Bob hairstyle I had had many times in the past.I had it cut, love it and feel so much better. And then I reflected and laughed. My mind immediately thought ‘new’
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