Our clients say the nicest things about us. Here's a selection of our favourites.

"I have been working with Ella for a couple of years now, first as a Coach and Facilitator of a Development programme I was on, and then as my personal coach as I transitioned into a new company and stepped up to build and lead a new team.

Through Ella’s coaching and workshops I not only have a much deeper insight in to myself and better self-awareness, but have also have learnt numerous tools and techniques that have very practical application.

Of all the pieces we worked on together what had the most impact for me was formulating a leadership framework for my new role so I could understand and mould the kind of leader I wanted to be based on past experiences and Ella’s input and guidance along with principles and tips on how to build a high performing team. Because of this work, I was able to guide the team through a series of exercises to deeper understand their requirements as individuals and as a team to establish core values and expectations which we could all work towards. The level of trust this has instilled within the team has been exceptional and key to our performance to date.

Ella makes you feel comfortable to explore numerous options and possibilities when attempting to bring a change about; she challenges you with curiosity, support and belief in you; she makes you aware of what mindset you may be in at a given moment and how that may be hindering or helping you achieve what you want. She then works with you to show you how you can manage and adjust your mindset and capabilities accordingly. What I found most powerful about Ella’s style was the practical nature of her sessions and exercises which always had their foundations set from her personal business experience backed up by solid management and leadership theory.

The sessions with Ella were always outcome orientated, insightful and often the hard work was also fun.

I would thoroughly recommend Ella as a Business Coach and someone who designs and facilitates impactful Management and Leadership Development course."

J.W. Cushman & Wakefield
"I am forever grateful to Ella for helping me transform my professional journey and dare to say – my life. I’ve met Ella at a point in time in my career when I was due to advance to the next step in my professional journey, but my confidence and mindset were not meeting that vision. Ella coached me on how to discover my real self, to resurface the deep rooted confidence, and redefine expectations. Ella has shown me that I was pushing myself too hard, and I may not have understood at times that my version of “good enough” was “perfect for the organisation”. Following my coaching sessions with Ella I was able to have a seat at the senior executives table with full confidence in myself and feeling that “I am enough”. While I was finalising my coaching program, in parallel to that, I have received my promotion and several exciting career moves followed after that. The results speak by themselves and there is no doubt on how the coaching with Ella taught me valuable learnings not only for that point in my career, but for the rest of my life".
C.M, Commercial Regional Chief of Staff, Gilead

"Ella is a fantastically supportive and insightful coach who quickly created a trusting environment where I was able to dig deep. She was able to help me discover qualities I have and how to apply these to improve my behaviour through subtle prompts and sharing her observations. Through the use of tools and frameworks I was able to bring order and structure to multiple different scenarios – many of these tools I continue to rely on today

Working with Ella I was able to navigate and define my leadership style to be aligned with my beliefs and principles and then apply these to everyday scenarios. This was such an important step for me and continues to empower me to lead and approach challenges in my own style and to be true to myself."

Head of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust

"When I first met Ella, I wasn't at all sure what to expect from my coaching sessions, especially given the uncertainty the world faced as a result of the pandemic we had just experienced. My sessions are still going on, and what a refreshing and positive experience they are!!! Ella has given me a different perspective on life generally, which has shown me the unexplored opportunities i have to get the best out of myself as a leader. I have found balance in my work and home life, in my response to different situations in life, and i have understood the difference between perceived and actual reality - a true light bulb moment for me this one.

Ella has been instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for leading successful teams and tapping into talents to motivate and lead for results. What is amazing though, is how she has skilfully allowed me to come up with all the solutions to what I thought were challenges, and made me realise, it’s all in there, and we know what to do, it’s just knowing how to ignite or trigger the reactions and solutions at the right time.

Ella is positive and very encouraging. She gets results and solutions out of you without being forceful but through dialogue and interaction.

My outlook on life has completely changed for the better, and I also feel more balanced, positive and resilient as a person. Nothing is ever beyond our reach, it all depends on our perception. I would recommend Ella as a coach. She is a diligent listener and skilful in helping you identify what is important. She also has the ability to help you stay focussed on what is important to you and the organisation as a whole."

J Rugasira, MD Uganda, Knight Frank
"Ella has been one of the best person I have ever met in my professional career. She has a unique style in coaching: warm, deep and direct. Improvements have been so impactful for my job and also for my personal life. What an amazing journey, thanks so much!"
Valentina Raiola Senior Business Unit Director, Oncology, Gilead Sciences
"Ella's coaching style is warm, challenging yet supportive, and effective. I give credit to Ella for having a significant positive impact on my career change and my approach to professional development. I would high recommend Ella as an Executive Coach."
Niamh Cull, Career Change Coach
"Ella is not just a strong coach and is highly effective in using the coaching technics, but also her value sits in her ability to understand the context, the background and the stakes involved, which makes her coaching even more impactful. In addition Ella is a very pleasant person to work with and her style is creating a trustful relationship which has been key on my successful development step; I would highly recommend Ella to anyone looking for unlocking their potential, overcoming challenges or developing their self-awareness as part of their development and career journey."
J. Thibaut, GlaxoSmithKline, Pakistan
"Working with Ella over the last 6 months has not only demonstrated the power of coaching to me but has showcased how self awareness and asking the right questions can lead you to the most unexpected and fantastic results. Ella's relaxed style and subtly insightful questions allowed me to take the journey in a self led way hitting upon many 'aha' moments along the way. I would highly recommend Ella to anyone looking to tap into their further potential whether to overcome obstacles and challenges they face today or understanding more about themselves to build the skills and awareness needed to take themselves or their career to the next level."
K. O’Leary, GlaxoSmithKline, London

"At first, I was not really sure what to expect and what would be the benefits on being coached by Ella. It soon became apparent that Ella's support and advice would tremendously help, in both, my working and personal life. Ella's ability to help me breakdown, what I considered, pressing concerns and 'structure' my thoughts really helped me create action plans and associated targets / goals. Being coached by Ella was an invaluable experience providing with me the tools to help manage my personal and working life more effectively in the future. A.Nicholas, Latvia I found the coaching experience to be positively enlightening, I learnt a great deal about myself.

Ella gave me some valuable tools and fail safe mechanisms to use and gave me a powerful insight in to how I can improve my performance. Ella's passion for coaching is evident from the onset, she has a real understanding of people, which allows the coachee to open up and have a real conversation. In terms of professional objectives coaching most definitely supports these and is absolutely something I would recommend to unlock an individual’s potential. Coaching is a great tool for building capability and confidence and I believe mine has increased my personal performance. It's not an easy journey and you need to be committed to the emotional ride; however, Ella made the trip well and truly worthwhile."

C. Moles, GlaxoSmithKline, London
"Ella was my first Executive Coach experience and it was a great experience! Ella helped me go deeper into my strengths and development needs without trying to change me but helped me better understand them. Real time exercises enabled me to grasp them in more depth and understand how they can be perceived to then work on additional new skills and strive to achieve a higher level of performance and positive impact while staying myself."
Henri Antaki, GM Egypt, GlaxoSmithkline

"Personally I have been able to develop my resilience, communication and engagement skills across the organization while managing all my stakeholders accordingly as I operate in a highly matrix organization.

I am in a better state of confidence, able to relate with all my associates well including influencing key stakeholders to deploy resources where support is required. I have become more strategic as well as transformational/change manager who is always thinking ahead. Above all it the coaching taught me to listen to myself better and work smarter rather than harder."

B Ochieng, East Africa, GlaxoSmithKline
"The impact Ella makes through her coaching is enormous. With her guidance, insight and quite a few post-it notes, I learned about tools and techniques that can be used to effectively manage issues which can arise while expanding a role, moving into a new role or taking on new challenges."
G. Gilmore, Head of Property Research
"I would thoroughly recommend Ella as a Business Coach and someone who designs and facilitates impactful Management and Leadership Development course."
J.W. Cushman & Wakefield
"I am forever grateful to Ella for helping me transform my professional journey and dare to say – my life."
C.M, Commercial Regional Chief of Staff, Gilead
Working with Ella I was able to navigate and define my leadership style to be aligned with my beliefs and principles and then apply these to everyday scenarios. This was such an important step for me …
Head of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust
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