I’ll ask the questions that help you find the answers

Michael Pagnotta
Associate & Progression Partner
Michael Pagnotta
With a passion for understanding human behaviour and what drives people, I enable businesses and people to get a clear understanding of what drives them in order to help them achieve the results they seek. My approach is simple: empowering you to navigate a complex series of opportunities, challenges and risks so you can shape and grow your business, your people and yourself, using a clear vision and strategy you design and drive. I’ll ask the questions that help you find the answers and solutions.
Michael is a business-focused, creative, results-driven coach with 13 years experience across UK, EMEA and Asia Pacific in the world of executive leadership & development, business & people strategies and leading teams. Using a combination of cognitive behavioural tools, coaching and business operating models, he puts the client in the driving seat, empowering them to take ownership and proactive steps towards their desired success.
"Personally I have been able to develop my resilience, communication and engagement skills across the organization while managing all my stakeholders accordingly."
B Ochieng, East Africa, GlaxoSmithKline
"I learned about tools and techniques that can be used to effectively manage issues which can arise while expanding a role, moving into a new role or taking on new challenges."
G. Gilmore, G. Gilmore, Head of Property Research
"I was able to navigate and define my leadership style to be aligned with my beliefs and principles and then apply these to everyday scenarios. This was such an important step for me and continues to empower me to lead and approach challenges in my own style and to be true to myself."
Head of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust

    I found the answer to overcoming this, firstly by receiving coaching, and then training in coaching and leadership development, and it transformed the way I managed myself and others. I had a new way of thinking, a new way of communicating and connecting with others. I was much more motivated, fulfilled and successful.

    It really was life changing for me. It had such a transformative effect on me that it left me with a new sense of purpose and a renewed sense of determination to make it happen. I was passionate to pass my new found skills and capabilities on to others. Looking back, this was my ‘eureka’ moment. This was the time when I decided to take control and take the next step in a new direction. It felt like my journey to that point had been leading exactly to that moment. I’d found the clarity we all crave at certain times in our lives.

    I wanted to help others overcome the barriers as I had and to share in the realisation of their new found potential.

    Professional History

    Michael has acted as both a coach and advising consultant to senior leaders, managing directors and CEOs globally, successfully helping them to future proof and shape the strategic direction of their business and people strategies.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Executive Leadership & Coaching
    • Transformational Coaching
    • Business Strategy and Planning
    • Culture and Change Management
    • Customer Experience
    • Personal Development and Self-discovery

    Professional Qualifications, Accreditations & Tools

    • Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
    • ICF Accredited Coach
    • ILM L5 Diploma in Leadership & Management
    • Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Certified in DISC Pyschometric Assessment
    • Certified in High Potential Trait Indicator Assessment
    • Certified in Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
    • 360 Feedback models
    • Diffusion of Innovation theory