I am passionate about facilitating change

Lucy James
Associate & Progression Partner
Lucy James
I started my career in the Financial Services industry, managing a range of high profile marketing campaigns in pressurised, target-driven environments. But I was keen to take my learnings around high performance and leadership development into a completely new environment. So I swapped Canary Wharf for a socially deprived part of London, helping to transform a failing secondary school which became Ofsted rated as ‘outstanding’ in all categories.
This journey and experience ignited my passion for creating organisational change and led to my career as an Executive Coach. Prior to completing my coaching training I studied with Metanoia Institute in Person-Centred Counselling and although I never practiced as a counsellor it gave me more insights and tools into connecting with and understanding people, and working with them to move them forward.
"Personally I have been able to develop my resilience, communication and engagement skills across the organization while managing all my stakeholders accordingly."
B Ochieng, East Africa, GlaxoSmithKline
"I learned about tools and techniques that can be used to effectively manage issues which can arise while expanding a role, moving into a new role or taking on new challenges."
G. Gilmore, G. Gilmore, Head of Property Research
"I was able to navigate and define my leadership style to be aligned with my beliefs and principles and then apply these to everyday scenarios. This was such an important step for me and continues to empower me to lead and approach challenges in my own style and to be true to myself."
Head of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust

    I found the answer to overcoming this, firstly by receiving coaching, and then training in coaching and leadership development, and it transformed the way I managed myself and others. I had a new way of thinking, a new way of communicating and connecting with others. I was much more motivated, fulfilled and successful.

    It really was life changing for me. It had such a transformative effect on me that it left me with a new sense of purpose and a renewed sense of determination to make it happen. I was passionate to pass my new found skills and capabilities on to others. Looking back, this was my ‘eureka’ moment. This was the time when I decided to take control and take the next step in a new direction. It felt like my journey to that point had been leading exactly to that moment. I’d found the clarity we all crave at certain times in our lives.

    I wanted to help others overcome the barriers as I had and to share in the realisation of their new found potential.

    Professional History

    Lucy has had a varied career that spans the finance industry, education, mediation and now coaching and training. Her psychology background anchors all she does.

    All of Lucy’s coaching and facilitation work has significantly enhanced how individuals understand each other and has improved team dynamics.


    • Lucy is an International (ICF) Associate Certified Coach and an Accredited Insights® Discovery Practitioner. 
    • Prior to completing her coaching training, she studied with Metanoia Institute in Person-Centred Counselling. 
    • She is also an accredited workplace mediator. 
    • Lucy holds an MSc in Marketing and a BSC in Psychology from Loughborough University.