I spend a lot of time thinking about the way we think

Ella Jaczynska
Founder, Managing Director & Progression Partner
Ella Jaczynska
I’m passionate about what makes us feel empowered to go ahead, take the next step and achieve, versus what stops and blocks us in life. The training and knowledge I’ve acquired on my personal journey have led me to combine my 30 years experience of Business, Leadership Development and Coaching to the point where I can offer something that I know and feel will impactfully help others.

Like all of us, I've faced the relentless challenges within the workplace. I’ve been there where you can either turn into the wind, or turn away. I trained as a physiologist and worked in Life Sciences for over 25 years. Throughout that time I experienced numerous challenges in how to be the best leader and manager I could be. I’ve seen and felt the apparent barriers and hurdles within the workplace, including the dilemmas of whether to step into the unknown at times or to turn away.

And on numerous occasions I felt stuck, demotivated, frustrated and felt I wasn't being my best for myself or for the teams I led; I needed new insights and skills. I needed a new sense of personal motivation.

"I would thoroughly recommend Ella as a Business Coach and someone who designs and facilitates impactful Management and Leadership Development course."
J.W. Cushman & Wakefield
"I am forever grateful to Ella for helping me transform my professional journey and dare to say – my life."
C.M, Commercial Regional Chief of Staff, Gilead
Working with Ella I was able to navigate and define my leadership style to be aligned with my beliefs and principles and then apply these to everyday scenarios. This was such an important step for me …
Head of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust

    I found the answer to overcoming this, firstly by receiving coaching, and then training in coaching and leadership development, and it transformed the way I managed myself and others. I had a new way of thinking, a new way of communicating and connecting with others. I was much more motivated, fulfilled and successful.

    It really was life changing for me. It had such a transformative effect on me that it left me with a new sense of purpose and a renewed sense of determination to make it happen. I was passionate to pass my new found skills and capabilities on to others. Looking back, this was my ‘eureka’ moment. This was the time when I decided to take control and take the next step in a new direction. It felt like my journey to that point had been leading exactly to that moment. I’d found the clarity we all crave at certain times in our lives.

    I wanted to help others overcome the barriers as I had and to share in the realisation of their new found potential.


    Professional History

    Ella initially trained as a physiologist, then had a career spanning nearly 25yrs at GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals, managing global teams and holding several senior positions within Research & Development, up to VP level. As a leader she focussed on building high performing, motivated fulfilled, skilled individuals and teams as well as driving delivery for the business. Her final role at GSK was as Head Performance and Development Coach for the CEO’s Future Strategy Group, where she partnered with individuals to Evoke Awareness, Drive Development and bring about Transformation in this key talent, corporate leadership development programme. She is a highly experienced Leadership Development facilitator and qualified, impactful International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Professional Executive Coach. She is the Founder, Managing Director and Principal Progression Partner of Managing Mindset and Krysalis Coaching Limited.


    • ICF approved Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills – Coaching Development.
    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
    • Trained in Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Coaching Constellations Ltd. Trained Practitioner in ‘Accelerating Delivery and Performance’.
    • Accredited in Business psychometric profiling tool - Predictive Role Profiling for High performing Teams (PROPHET)
    • Accredited Master Practitioner of WRAW psychometric measuring Workplace resilience and its impact on wellbeing
    • She is a Coach Mentor and additionally is an Associate Coach and consultant for The Oxford Group and ChangePace Consulting Ltd.
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